Grey Market is a label grown and matured in Helsinki, Finland. Grey started as a shop label for the store Grey Market Supply. Today the store is local folklore, but the label thrives and progresses. We source our inspiration from things surrounding us, especially from the strong local history. While Helsinki is small and isolated from the cultural hubs we have to do things our way and really develop, instead of following suit. Grey Market believes in progress not sheer growth. Quality and integrity of product is our focus.

Our product is based on simple and straightforward design & aesthetics. Grey Market wishes to make product that works, retains it's quality and has a long life. Our aim is to produce locally with highest standards possible. This means all cut and sew is 100% made in Finland. To make Grey Market available & affordable our t shirts & pullover hoods are produced in Turkiye. we use our own sourcing for manufacturing and stand behind all production 100%.